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Grange Farm was extremely welcoming to the children and staff

I run the Pre-School room at Rainbow Day Nursery Golborne and thought it would be a lovely idea to take some of the Children Pumpkin picking this year and I definitely wasn’t wrong, it was fantastic. Grange Farm was extremely welcoming to the children and staff. The Farm was really clean for the children to explore. The children were given small bags of food for the animals on arrival to walk around the farm and feed the Donkeys, Goats, Sheep, Cows, Horse ect… This is the first time this year that I have taken my Pre-School children to see any animals and they thoroughly enjoyed it! The Animals were very child friendly and gentle. The pumpkin patch had lots of variety of pumpkin in terms of size. The children enjoyed choosing their very own little pumpkin that they were able to carry to the wheel-barrow.The lovely staff at the Farm then arranged for all the children and staff to go onto the tractor for a ride around the Farm. This was incredible. It takes special people to make children smile the way we observed them smiling at Grange Farm this morning. I would definitely recommend this Farm! Another of our Nurseries will be visiting tomorrow with their Pre-School Children.

Thank you so much from all the staff and Children at Rainbow Day Nursery Golborn

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