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We Sell Christmas Trees To Customers in Winsford

Why come to Grange Farm Christmas Tree Land - Our trees are always of the highest quality

Visit Grange Farm Christmas Tree Land in Lowton, and we will open your eyes to a whole new Christmas experience with a visit to the forest to get your Christmas tree by creating something special. You will find our Christmas trees displayed in our walk around, flood lit forest. All of our superb quality Christmas trees are individually displayed and priced in our field. You can walk around at your leisure and see your Christmas tree stood without the netting, so you know what it will look like when you get it home.

All Christmas trees are individually displayed AND priced so no surprises when you get to the till. For our home grown trees prices start for as little as £19.99 for a needle holding tree, while stocks last.

We sell Christmas Trees to Customers in Winsford

Grange Farm has been selling Christmas Trees in Winsford for nearly 30 years, in that time we have built up a loyal following from customers in Winsford who choose to pick their own Christmas Tree from a selection of over 600 Christmas trees displayed in our outdoor, flood lit Christmas Tree forest. Grange Farm also have a range of pot grown Christmas trees for customers in Winsford who want to re-plant their Christmas tree afther the Christmas season to enjoy a beautiful fir tree all year long.

Are you looking for Christmas Trees in Winsford

If you are looking to buy a Christmas tree this year then look no further than Grange Farm. Grange Farm is within easy reach of Winsford, just off the main A580 East Lancs Road at Lowton and is open 7 days a week for customers from Winsford to visit. When you are here you can enjoy the rural surroundings, the sights and sounds of a real farm as well as the seasonal Christmas events and the Christmas Barn.

Real Christmas Trees In Winsford

We have REAL Christmas trees for sale, people from Winsford visit Grange Farm Christmas Tree land, Christmas Barn and Santas Grotto every year to buy a real, Christmas tree. You can Pick Your Own or buy a potted tree from our extensive selection of over 600 real, Christmas trees on sale. Spend the day with us, we are only 10 mins by car from Winsford.

Pick Your Own Christmas Trees in Winsford

There's no better way than getting in the Christmas spirit than choosing to Pick Your Own Christmas tree. Every year customers from Winsford choose to visit Grange Farm, just off the main A580 East Lancs Road at Lowton (opposite McDonalds) to pick their own Christmas Tree and take it home to Winsford.

Nordman Fir Christmas Trees in Winsford

Hailing from the Russian mountains, Nordmann Fir is known for its beautiful pyramid shape and soft-as-snow foliage. It's non-drop, which means it'll hold onto its needles for about a month after delivery (with proper care, of course). In the smaller sizes, prepare for your tree to be almost as wide as it's tall. If you're tight on space, you might want to check out our Fraser Fir Christmas trees, which are thinner at the bottom.

However, if Nordmann has caught your eye, you can always cut off some of the lower branches to reduce the wingspan and use them in a lovely Christmas wreath for your front door.

The best way to keep your Nordmann Christmas tree looking good is by popping it in one of our water-holding stands - that way, you Christmas tree can have a regular drink to counter the dry and warm environment of a home. Make sure the tree stand is topped up regularly.

Nordmann Fir doesn't like heat as it dries it out. Keep it out of direct sunlight and away from radiators and lit fireplaces.

It's a super low maintenance tree, making it a great choice for the busy holiday. It's less scented than Fraser fir and also has a more classic, uniform shape. Basically, a truly beautiful tree for Christmas.

Fraser Fir Christmas Trees in Winsford

Fraser fir compact shape and lovely piney smell make it the most popular Christmas tree over in the States. The soft, non-drop needles have silvery bottoms and will look great for at least a month from the date of delivery.

Fraser fir at Grange farm is available in five sizes, ranging from 5ft to 8ft. The branches point slightly upwards, which gives them a more compact shape than Nordmann fir so it's great for a tight space.

The base of your Fraser fir Christmas tree trunk should be submerged in water at all times. Fraser fir generally does not come with a Christmas tree stand, so we recommend grabbing one of our water-holding tree stands for your new fir. Keep it topped up throughout the Christmas season to keep him hydrated - this will help him last longer in dry, warm home environments and keep it away from fireplaces and radiators, and out of direct sunlight.

Fraser fir has got a more compact shape than Nordmann fir but the pine scent is pretty much irresistible.

No matter which Christmas Tree you choose, you'll be delighted you chose from Grange Farm Christmas Tree Land - We Look Forward To Seeing You Soon…